Thumbies 3D Fingerprint & Handprint Keepsake Memorial Jewelry
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Thumbies 3D Fingerprint & Handprint Keepsake Memorial Jewelry

Our Thumbies 3D Fingerprint & Handprint Keepsake Memorial Jewelry pieces are created from actual prints! Run your finger across the surface of these Thumbies memorial keepsake pendants/charms and feel a spiritual connection to your loved one.

Looking for a more affordable fingerprint jewelry option?

White Bronze Keepsake Memorial Jewelry has the same rich detail as the sterling silver and gold print jewelry but at a lower price point. Thumbies made of white bronze have a hypoallergenic coating which carries a lifetime guarantee.

Family Heirloom

The clearly defined detailed surface of the raised or embedded print is from their actual print. An instant family heirloom to be passed from generation to generation. Each Thumbies is a custom piece of art. Three-dimensional Thumbies are crafted from simple ink fingerprints, footprints, or handprints using the ancient art of lost-wax casting.

State-of-the-art Process

A 3D imaging program is used to help create a wax mold of the fingerprint, handprint, or footprint from a scanned ink print. Our artisans select the area of fingerprints that carry the most definition and meticulously sculpt the print to perfectly mimic the original.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Jewelry

Mainely Urns carries a print pendants, rings, charms, or choose from a selection of other memorial items such as a lighter, pocket knife, or dog tags.