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Pet Cremation Urns

We carry the largest collection of popular and affordable pet memorials. Whether you are ...

looking for traditional pet memorials made from metal, wood and marble or unique pet urns crafted from crystal, glass or cast stone, we offer the perfect memorials to satisfy your pet memorial needs.

Dog Urns and Cat Urns:

Shop the most diverse collection of dog urns and cat urns available anywhere and at the lowest prices. Our pet urns are available in many materials and finishes. Some of our most popular dog urn themes are paw prints urns are dog bone urns. We also carry specialty pet urns such as figurine urns and photo engraved urns. Figurine urns are sculpted resin urns that closely resemble the characteristics of your beloved pet. We carry hundreds of breeds. We also specialize in photo engraved pet urns. Have your favorite photo of your beloved pet engraved directly on your urn in stunning detail.

Pet Jewelry:

Pet jewelry consists of memorial jewelry which does not hold ashes and pet cremation jewelry which is designed to hold a very small amount of ashes (cremains). Pet cremation jewelry, sometimes referred to as pet keepsake jewelry, can include any form of memorial jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. Pet ash jewelry is ideal for those who wish to carry a small reminder of their beloved pet with them.

Pet Caskets:

Pet caskets can be used in a cemetery, garden, or back yard. Making the final resting place for a pet one can provide important resolution and closure. Pet caskets are available in many sizes to accommodate nearly any size of common pet like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. There are no specific dog caskets or cat caskets. Caskets are selected by the size of your pet.

Pet Grave Markers | Pet Headstones | Pet Garden Memorials:

We have the largest selection of outdoor pet grave markers, pet headstones, and other pet garden memorials for paying tribute to your beloved pet. Personalization is available for any garden memorial.

Keepsake Pet Urns:

Pet keepsake cremation urns hold a small amount of ashes to memorialize your pet. We offer a wide variety of beautiful pet keepsake urns including sculptural urns, paw print urns, and laser engraved photo urns.