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Adult Cremation Urns

We carry the largest selection of adult cremation urns anywhere resulting in thousands of ...

urn choices. Cremation urns come in many sizes and shapes. Here are some of the most common styles:

  • Vase style urns usually have a threaded top or a compression top.
  • Wood cremation urns usually have a bottom panel which is secured by screws. Some wood urns open from the back or top.
  • Cultured marble (manufactured marble) and natural stone/marble urns usually have a plug on the bottom of the urn. Depending on the urn, the plug is compression fit rubber plug or a threaded metal plug.
  • Keepsake cremation urns hold a small portion of the ashes.

What size urn do I need?

In order to hold all your loved one's ashes you'll need to know what the approximate body weight of the person or pet you are shopping for.

One pound of body weight will yield just less than 1 cubic inch of ash.
Assume for shopping purposes that: 1 pound body weight = 1 cubic inch ash.

Cremation urn item descriptions list the size of an urn in Cubic Inches. If you know the weight of the deceased - then you know the size of the urn you need. Approximate Weight = Approximate Cubic Inch Size.

Easy example: A cremated 100 pound person will yield almost 100 cubic inches of ashes. So, if 1 pound = 1 cubic inch then this person would need an urn that is approximately 90-100 cubic inches or larger.

Our navigational menu along the top of the page breaks down the different types of urns into relevant size and material categories. For example, the Double / Companion Urns section (under the Cremation Urns tab) is for cremation urns that are large enough to hold the ashes of two people. On the other side of the cremation urn size spectrum we have a Keepsake Urns section, which are urns with a very small capacity designed to hold small amounts of ashes. Other size specific categories are Small & Medium Size UrnsInfant & Child Urns, and Pet Urns.