Scattering Urns

Our Scattering Urns can be used for the scattering of a...

loved ones ashes. Our scattering urns are designed with beautiful scenery that can compliment the location of the scattering. This is an attractive and dignified approach to the scattering of cremation ashes.

A scattering ceremony can be a beautiful tribute to your loved one. Some scattering methods include:

☛ Tossing of ashes to wind by an individual or by taking turns as a group

☛ Placing the ashes in a dug trench to be covered by an individual or by a group

☛ Raking the ashes into a prepared loose soil by an individual or group

☛ Scattering the ashes from a biodegradable scattering urn into a dug hole and then placing the urn into the hole

☛ Scattering into a body of water. Special biodegradable water scattering urns are designed to float briefly and then sink. They can be used to scatter the ashes and then let the urn sink, or keep the ashes intact and let them sink together.