Inkless Fingerprint Kit for Print Cremation Jewelry
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Inkless Fingerprint Kit for Print Cremation Jewelry
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Inkless Fingerprint Kit for Print Cremation Jewelry
Inkless Fingerprint Kit for Print Cremation Jewelry

Inkless Fingerprint Kit for Print Cremation Jewelry

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Our Inkless Fingerprint Kit for Print Cremation Jewelry can be used as an alternative to regular ink. It includes a non-toxic solution towelette, specially formulated paper and easy to follow directions. Simply rub the towelette on the area you wish to capture and then press that area onto the paper. The result is a clear and crisp image without the mess of regular ink.

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  • Non-toxic solution towelette
  • Specially formulated paper
  • Instruction Sheet

  • Important Notes & Information

    Using the Inkless Fingerprint Kit to make fingerprints or other prints for your Mainely Urns print jewelry order

    1. Please write name on card of printee and order # with Mainely Urns.
    Lightly rub the enclosed towelette on the area you want to capture, then GENTLY PRESS onto the smoother/shiny side of the blank sheet. (If you’ve rubbed the towelette on your finger and it does not show a print please flip paper over and try again.) A print should begin to appear within a second or so.

    2. DO NOT press hard or roll your finger, hand, foot, paw or pet’s nose. [***FOR BEST RESULTS: just use light pressure and press straight down.]

    3. Move to a new location on the paper and repeat three or more times. It is not necessary to reapply towelette unless you are switching to a different finger, hand, foot or paw.

    4. You can now scan your prints at 600dpi or greater and save as a JPG. Email prints with order number to

    5. If you need to mail them to us, please mail to:
    Mainely Urns
    19B Portland Road
    Gray ME 04039

    If you have any questions, please call 1-866-516-1296

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