Cloisonne cremation urns for funerals and burials

Funeral suppliers and manufacturers are slowly recovering from increased demand and product shortages caused by the pandemic. Mainely Urns is a first-tier retailer and we are doing everything possible to get our stock levels back to normal however some manufacturers remain low or out of stock on some items. Click here to see how this will affect your order.

Cloisonne Cremation Urns

Cloisonne cremation urns are beautiful yet...

...sturdy enough for display or burial because they are made of either brass or copper. Most of our cloisonne urns have floral or butterfly patterns.

Cloisonne cremation urns are hand-crafted from the finest copper and brass and finished using ancient Chinese techniques where colorful enamel glaze is painted on the urn, then fired until smooth and glossy. The end result is a colorful and unique sturdy cremation urn that will last generations. Because these urns are hand-crafted, each urn is unique and may vary slightly from one urn to another.