Battle Field Cross Memorial Sculpture

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Battle Field Cross Memorial Sculpture
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Battle Field Cross Memorial Sculpture
Battle Field Cross Memorial Sculpture

Battle Field Cross Memorial Sculpture

Item #:SP-723
Our Price:$4,874.95
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Our Battle Field Cross Memorial Sculpture is a beautifully hand-crafted cast bronze urn is truly a work of art depicting the iconic battle field cross. A battlefield cross, or fallen soldier battle cross, is a memorial to a fallen or missing soldier, consisting of the soldier's boots, bayonet, helmet, rifle, and sometimes dog tags. As the name implies, it is generally erected at or near the field of battle, allowing the soldier's comrades to pay their respects and to begin to process the loss. Does not hold ashes.

Cast using the ancient "lost wax" method of casting. Since each piece is custom cast to order, weight, size and color may vary slightly. Made in the USA.


  • Material: Cast Bronze
  • Dimensions: 36"H x 8"W x 8"D
  • Does not hold ashes
  • Weight: 125 pounds
  • Individually cast - usually ships in 3 weeks
  • Shipping is not included with this item
  • Made in the USA

  • Important Notes & Information

    Production Process and Turnaround Time - 4-6 weeks

    Processing Time

    Each urn is individually cast using the ancient "lost wax" method of casting and then hand finished. Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time. Due to artisan hand-crafting, all weights and sizes are approximate and colors may vary slightly.

    Lost Wax Casting

    Lost Wax Casting is a method of bronze casting using a clay core and a wax coating placed in a mold. The wax is melted in the mold and drained out, and bronze poured into the space left, producing a hollow bronze figure when the core is discarded.

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