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Epitaph Samples and Inspirations

As much as someone is loved, recalling what made them special and summarizing those feelings for a bronze plaque with limited space after their death can be challenging.

However, experts agree that the process of writing a loved one's epitaph can often actually be comforting and essential to a normal grieving process.

More than simply stating a person's name and dates of birth and death, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to let those viewing the plaque in future years gain a better sense of the loved one's personality and what he or she meant to surviving friends and family.

In addition to the following examples, also consider gathering thoughts for a plaque from friends or family face-to-face, on the phone or by e-mail.

Their collective memories are certain to make it easier to create an epitaph that portrays the essence of the individual who has departed.

Note: Some of these epitaph examples may not fit within the guidelines allowed for our standard plaque size.

Beneath This Stone Rests My Love
Her Soul Long Ago Free As A Dove
When I Come To Visit This Special Place
I Shall Always Recall Her Smiling Face


Words Of Bronze On This Stone
Are A Reminder You're Never Alone
Your Wonderful Life Of So Many Years
We Shall Celebrate Without Any Tears


Gone, But Not Forgotten


A Husband And Wife So Dear
Sleep Together As Always Here
Their Spirits Separated Never Again
Their Soul With Christ For Ever Reign


I Am The Resurrection And The Life,
He That Believeth In Me Though
He Die Yet Shall He Live


Beneath This Simple Stone
That Marks His Resting Place
Our Precious Father Sleeps Alone
In The Lord's Long Embrace


A Mother Kind, A Parent Dear
A Faithful Friend Lies Buried Here
She Is Gone From Our Home
But Not From Our Heart
Be Patient With Life, Despite The Truth.
It Often Seems Oblivious Of Our Pain,
But Just As Often Brings Us Hope Again.


Do believe I'll never leave you:
Always You Will be in My heart.
Don't forget my soul is near you,
And so we'll never be apart.


A Precious One From Us Has Gone
A Voice We Loved Is Stilled
A Place Is Empty In Our Home
Which Never Can Be Filled


No Pain, No Grief
No Anxious Fear
Can Reach Our Loved
One Sleeping Here.


Behold My Friends As You Pass By
As You Are Now, So Once Was I
As I Am Now, Soon You Shall Be
Give Thyself To God And Follow Me


I Pray You Can See Me Now And Be
Proud Of What I Have Become Because
Of Your Example, But Most Of All I Thank
You Because You Loved Me So Much

These Epitaph Samples and Inspirations are provided to us by our cast stone memorial rock and tree manufacturer.

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