Pet Casket - Biodegradable and  Fleece Lined - 19 Inches
Pet Casket - Biodegradable and  Fleece Lined - 19 InchesPet Casket - Biodegradable and  Fleece Lined - 19 InchesPet Casket - Biodegradable and  Fleece Lined - 19 InchesPet Casket - Biodegradable and  Fleece Lined - 19 Inches
Pet Casket - Biodegradable and Fleece Lined - 19 Inches
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Product Overview

Our beautiful biodegradable pet cremation casket is soft to the touch. The interior has a unique fleece lining and pillow, all on top of a soft mattress. This attractive casket is appropriate for viewing, memorial services, cremation and green burials.

This casket is crafted from a biodegradable paper which is handmade using a centuries old technique. The bark from the mulberry tree is harvested, leaving the tree intact. The bark is then soaked, made into a pulp and spread out onto bamboo screens. Flower petals are inlaid before the screens are placed in the sun. Once dry the paper is used to create our beautiful and earth-friendly cremation caskets, which will break down in soil over time.

Product Specifications and Sizes

Pet Cremation Casket Sizes and Dimensions

  • Extra Small Pet Cremation Casket: 12" Long x 4.25" Wide x 6.5" High
  • Small Pet Cremation Casket: 19" Long x 8" Wide x 9" High
  • Medium Pet Cremation Casket: 22" Long x 7.5" Wide x 11" High
  • Large Pet Cremation Casket: 28" Long x 9.5" Wide x 12" High
  • Extra Large Pet Cremation Casket: 32" Long x 11" Wide x 14.25" High

    What Size Pet Cremation Casket do I need?

  • Extra Small Pet Casket: Small pets, small cats, birds, rabbits, gerbils and hampsters.
  • Small Pet Casket: larger cats and pets up to 25 lbs
  • Medium Pet Casket: Pets up to 35 lbs
  • Large Pet Casket: Pets up to 45 lbs
  • Extra Large Pet Casket: Larger dogs and pets up to 75 lbs
  • Click here for instructions on measuring your pet for a casket.

  • Product Features

  • A "Green" and environmentally conscious product
  • Made in the USA and crafted by hand
  • Ideal for viewings or services
  • Beautifully handmade

  • Important Notes & Information

    Measuring Your Pet for a Casket

  • Length: measure from the pets nose to base of the tail
  • Width: measure from the top of the pets back to the top of the knee
  • Height: measure with pet laying down: at the shoulder, from the top of the pet to the bottom side

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